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HSEMA Training and Exercise

The Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency's (HSEMA) Training Division ensures that District government workers are properly trained to respond to disasters, guarantee that District plans and procedures can effectively address emergencies, and effectively work with the public to ensure that citizens are aware of how to protect themselves in a crisis. HSEMA provides a comprehensive catalog of classroom based training as well as a broad range of advanced training courses in our 2014 schedule. Login to the HSEMA Training and Tracking System to register for a class. Visit the Training and Exercise Calendar below to see future training opportunities.

One of our biggest trainings this year was the 2014 Command and Control Exercise, to learn more click here.

Training Location : HSEMA - EOC, 2nd Floor, 2720 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20032 (*Please refer to the course in the Training System as the location may be offsite from this facility.)

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HSEMA Training and Exercise Division Contacts

Jamie C. Quarrelles
Chief, Training and Exercise Division
Desk (202) 481-3078
Email: Jamie.quarrelles@dc.gov

Leslie C. Harrison
NIMS Compliance Officer
Desk (202) 481-3057
Email: leslie.harrison@dc.gov
NIMS Training
NIMS - National Incident Management System

Sharon Frederick
Emergency Management State Training Officer
Desk (202) 481-3142
Email: sharon.frederick@dc.gov
HSEMA Emergency Management Training
HSEMA Advanced Training

Kimberly Campbell
Emergency Exercise & Training Specialist
Desk (202) 481-3044
Email: kimberlyn.campbell@dc.gov

Ken "Woody" Woodall
Emergency Preparedness Officer
Desk (202) 481-3031
Email: kenneth.woodall@dc.gov


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