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Earthquake Graphic

While earthquakes are not common in the District, a minor earthquake was felt here in July 2010 and there is still a possibility that one could occur in or around the DC metropolitan area.

If you feel an earthquake you should:

  • Take cover under a desk, table, bed or door frame.
  • Stay clear of windows and other glass.
  • Stay put until the shaking stops.
  • Find an open area clear of buildings and power lines if you are outdoors.
  • Stop your vehicle (preferably in an open area).
  • Listen to the radio and follow instructions.
  • DO NOT enter damaged structures.
  • Check all gas lines.
  • Inspect chimney or have chimney inspected before using the fireplace.
  • Expect to feel aftershocks, which are usually smaller in size, and take the aforementioned precautions.