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Prepare Today for What's on the Way: Driving in Winter Weather

Monday, January 9, 2012
Follow these tips to stay safe

Driving in a Winter Wonderland? Remember to follow these tips from AAA and the Weather Channel to stay safer on the roads during and after a winter storm:  


  • Take it slow: slower speeds, slower acceleration, slower steering, slower braking, and slow down as you approach intersections
  • Leave extra room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Trucks can take longer to come to a stop, so be extra cautious around bigger vehicles
  • If you do lose traction, don’t fight the skid – ease up on the brake and steer towards where you want to go
  • Use your headlights
  • Brush the snow off your vehicle (remembering your headlights!) before driving
  • Make sure that your gas tank is at least half full so your gas line doesn’t freeze
  • If your car gets stuck, don’t spin your wheels. Try removing the snow from the tires, and (if you have it) pour sand, cat litter, salt, or gravel near the wheels to get traction
  • Make sure to keep a snow brush and ice scraper in your vehicle. Also, store a blanket, gloves, hats, and some food and water in your car in case you become stranded. Keeping some cat litter or sand in your trunk will also help if your car gets stuck in the snow
  • Keep your car maintained: winterize your vehicle by checking up on the brakes, battery, etc.
  • Expect delays in snowy weather, and plan extra driving time accordingly