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Grant Management Documents

  • Subrecipient handbook [pdf]
  • Grant lifecycle process [pdf]
  • Warranty policy [pdf]
  • Combined authorized equipment list [xls]

Project Management

  • Project Management Plan
    • HSGP PMP planning guide [doc]
    • HSGP PMP slick sheet [pdf]
  • Budget Establishment Form
    • BEF template [doc]
  • EHP screening form [pdf]
  • QSR planning guide [pdf]
  • Extension request template [doc]
  • Property disposition form [doc]

Subrecipient Monitoring

  • Monitoring protocol [pdf]
  • Monitoring report template (DC) [doc]
  • Monitoring report template (NCR) [doc]

Grant Management Systems

  • SAA Sharepoint System (SAA.SP)

    SAA Sharepoint (SAA.SP) is a system for subaward project management and reporting.

    • Overview of SAA.SP [pdf]
    • How to Access SAA.SP [pdf]
    • How to Retrieve and Submit Award [pdf]
    • How to Submit Quarterly Status Reports [pdf]
    • Information and Action Log [pdf]

    NCR|GMS is a financial system for subrecipients to seek reimbursement.

    • Build & submit a grant application [pdf]
    • Request a new expenditure [pdf]
    • Enter proof of encumberance (POE) [pdf]
    • Submit reimbursement request (invoicing) [pdf]
  • [PDF] These documents may be presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF reader is required for viewing. Download a PDF Reader or learn more about PDFs.
  • [DOC] These documents may be presented as a Microsoft Word. If you unable to open the document, download the viewer.

Please see below for a video presentation on the overview of the application process for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program - Environmental Planning and Historical Prevention Compliance